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  • Mansfield 2-3 Accrington
    Bob 2/14/2017 8:34:52 PM
  • And Orient equalize ....
    Johnno 2/14/2017 8:34:51 PM
  • Half-time: @StevenageFC 1-0 #CTFC

    Godden's penalty proves the difference at the break. Come on boys!

  • Chan, we've played 40 mins. Not a shot on goal. We have all the teams in the top to play. We can only scrape the odd goal vs the teams around us . We have relegation written all over the script unless it can be re-written...that requires major change.. sorry to be harbinger of doom , I just can t find anything to be optimistic about .. though the days are getting longer ..
    Johnno 2/14/2017 8:31:46 PM
  • id stay in gibralter if I were you Gerry can I come and join you
    martin 2/14/2017 8:31:44 PM
  • Plymouth 1-1 Orient
    Bob 2/14/2017 8:31:43 PM
  • Plenty of pressure at the end of the half as we push for an equaliser
    CTFCofficial 2/14/2017 8:29:09 PM
  • Mansfield 1-3 Accrington
    Bob 2/14/2017 8:28:52 PM
  • Sorry if we lose tonight GJ should get the boot as to not picking the right format for all these so called star players we have on our books . Get it right Johnson .
    Gerry gibralter 2/14/2017 8:28:41 PM
  • Not sure about shots to be honest. Plenty of dangerous attacks/ crosses without creating final pass/ chance
    CTFCofficial 2/14/2017 8:28:30 PM
  • Any chance of us getting a shot on target?
    Bob 2/14/2017 8:27:51 PM
  • Just got to try and believe all will be okay I guess johnno I really don't think we will go down a day yes it will be tight bit I think we can pull away from the drop zone ... I may be wrong but I like to believe ...
    Chan Twyning 2/14/2017 8:27:49 PM
  • we need 3 points
    DAVE 2/14/2017 8:27:48 PM
  • Have we had a shot yet ?
    Johnno 2/14/2017 8:27:47 PM
  • warned you about the referee didn't i
    martin 2/14/2017 8:27:47 PM
  • Bert our top goalscorer is playing wide right he is a striker!
    Howzy 2/14/2017 8:27:45 PM
  • Definitely can't see us in playoffs now
    Bert 2/14/2017 8:27:43 PM
  • Correct Johnno - only Accy winning, and Mansfield have pulled a goal back
    CTFCofficial 2/14/2017 8:24:34 PM
  • At least Notts are now losing ... only consolation we have is others around us not winning (yet)..
    Johnno 2/14/2017 8:24:15 PM
  • Other than the penalty - still not convinced it even was one - this has been a very even game
    CTFCofficial 2/14/2017 8:24:12 PM
  • kettle is a fat gir
    DAVE 2/14/2017 8:23:35 PM
  • Chan, how can you be so optimistic ? How many points have we picked up vs those around us ...
    Johnno 2/14/2017 8:23:34 PM
  • We're relying solely on others being as crap as we are. All this hype in the echo about potential ... where ? Don't see it. Murray toms "were not going down" statement in the echo - on want grounds ? 50/50 right now,,,
    Johnno 2/14/2017 8:23:33 PM
  • Someone tell him to put another striker at front then
    Bert 2/14/2017 8:23:32 PM
  • Panic mode no doubt
    Darreno 2/14/2017 8:23:31 PM
  • Wooton is far more physical gj seems to like that especially given his insistence in playing Wright who is clearly not upto league football. He was amazing for us last season but this season he's been found out a touxh
    Howzy 2/14/2017 8:23:29 PM
  • I'm afraid hes not learning from his mistakes id rather lose 4 3 than watch a boring game give me 4 4 2 anytime
    martin 2/14/2017 8:23:28 PM
  • 36: Harry Pell receives a talking to from the ref. To be fair to him, his foot was below his waist!

    #SFC 1-0 #CTFC
  • We won't go down but we have a lot of hard work ahead of us in ctfc I believe it's tough for us as fans but let's try to be positive....
    Chan Twyning 2/14/2017 8:20:48 PM
  • The passing game seems to have vanished
    CTFCofficial 2/14/2017 8:20:25 PM
  • The game is pretty scrappy now
    CTFCofficial 2/14/2017 8:20:14 PM
  • Am almost agreeing with you johnno
    Gerry gibralter 2/14/2017 8:19:58 PM
  • Neither can wooton Diego is more likely to get u a goal and y only one up front when we need to win the game
    Bert 2/14/2017 8:19:55 PM
  • Have to say, I'm losing faith in GJ. Magic last season. Utterly lost the plot this season.
    Johnno 2/14/2017 8:18:44 PM
  • I agree
    Howzy 2/14/2017 8:18:42 PM
  • Why are we only playing 1 up ? Stevenegae don't have a great GD (leaky).. same vs Notts County... worst GD and we pla 1 up !
    Johnno 2/14/2017 8:18:20 PM
  • I one up front Ridiculous
    Gerry gibralter 2/14/2017 8:18:18 PM
  • Billy and Winchester combine down the right, Waters' drilled cross is just too strong for Davis who's in the middle
    CTFCofficial 2/14/2017 8:17:58 PM
  • Going down!!
    jayne 2/14/2017 8:17:29 PM
  • He is only playing 1 up front. Diego is not a target man and can't hold the ball up
    Howzy 2/14/2017 8:16:22 PM
  • That is what I said bert
    Gerry gibralter 2/14/2017 8:16:20 PM
  • Accy 2-0 up..l that's them out the dog fight, got 2 games in hand too...
    Johnno 2/14/2017 8:16:18 PM
  • Why Billy is always played wide I'll never know
    Howzy 2/14/2017 8:16:15 PM
  • Our problem is we have signed too many new players in a short time. GJ doesn't know his best 11, or he's tinkering too much. One or the other anyway.
    Darreno 2/14/2017 8:16:14 PM
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